In cooperation with Financial Training Partner, I am teaching on an introductory course on Alternative Investments in Copenhagen. The course is aimed at investors, portfolio managers, investment advisers and support functions and Legal & Compliance, providing a comprehensive insight into the different types of alternative investments and the benefits and risks involved. The teaching material and the course are in English.

The agenda of the course is

1. Introduction to Alternative Investments

  • What are Alternative Investments?
  • Benefits of Alternative Investments
  • Challenges with Alternative Investments
  • Statistical foundations
2. Real Estate
  • Listed and unlisted real estate
  • Real Estate Sectors, Styles and associated risks
  • Cap Rates, Spreads and Relative Valuation
  • Real Estate Indices
  • Fund Structures
  • Jā€Curve
3. Other Real Assets
  • Timberland
  • Farmland
  • Infrastructure
4. Hedge Funds
  • Types of Hedge Fund strategies
  • Historical returns
  • Building a diversified Hedge Fund portfolio
  • Famous Hedge Fund failures
5. Private Equity
  • Types of PE investments
  • Performance evaluation
  • Persistence in manager performance
  • Fee structures
6. Commodities
  • The commodities market
  • Contango & backwardation
  • Sources of commodity alpha
  • The business cycle and commodity investments
7. Structured Products & ILS
  • CDO & CLO
  • CAT Bonds

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To get an idea of my teaching, you can also see my video tutorials on Youtube:

Standard Deviation and its application in Finance explained